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A small example to show my problem. The default shell is bash but my scripts use sh. This is the crontab line which I added for root ( has to be run as root):

*/1 * * * * "/home/mydir/" "/home/mydir" 2>&1 | logger

Contents of

nohup "$1"/ "$1" &

Contents of

/usr/bin/python -u "$1"/ "$1" >> "$1"/log & prints a message every 5 seconds which is appended to log in the same directory. It should continue to run in the background while can proceed and then exit. It indeed proceeds with any code below the nohup "$1"/sta.. line, but it does not exit for some reason:

pgrep -lf
22303 /usr/bin/python -u /home/mydir/ /home/mydir
pgrep -lf
22296 /bin/sh -c "/home/mydir/" "/home/mydir" 2>&1 | logger

When I omit 2>&1 | logger from crontab then exits. Is there any way in this case to pipe output to the logger without remaining opened?

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My solution was to add /bin/kill -SIGHUP $PPID at the end of The cronline spawns 2 processes, one for the actual and one for piping output to logger. The SIGHUP breaks the 'connection' between these two, thus they will both exit. Seems hacky but I'm out of ideas.

Note that $PPID is not standardly available in all shells.

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