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I am using entity framework code first approach.

I can add record, Update record, but while adding new record I am getting this ERROR message

"Conflicting changes to the role 'SaleCellBase_column_Target' of the relationship 'Sale.Classes.SaleCellBase_column' have been detected."

How can I solve this?

I have tree class;

SaleRow sale = new SaleRow (sheet, "Sales", "A-sale", Guid.NewGuid(), Guid.Empty);
SaleColumn col = new SaleColumn(sheet, i);

 for (int j = 0; j < count; j++)
     SaleCell cell = new SaleCell(row, sheet.columns[j], demoSheet);

 treeList1.DataSource = sheet.rows;

This code run and I show my record treeList. While adding new row


 for (int k = 0; k < sheet.rows.Count; k++)
 SaleRow saleRowControl = con.SaleRow.FirstOrDefault(p => p.hierId==dataRow.hierId);


I get error.

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Can you show us any code? – IronMan84 Nov 27 '13 at 13:38
Yes, I showed some code.Do you have any ideas? – same Nov 27 '13 at 14:20

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Sound like you are trying to add a record with a foreign key that allready exists or trying to add a value in de identifier column while the identifier will automaticly be filled by the database.

Have you set your keys properly on both sides? Can you post the code that goes wrong?

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This is more of a comment than an answer to his question... – IronMan84 Nov 27 '13 at 13:40
That's true but I only have 36 reputation so I'am not allowed yet to comment on a question.. :$ – Martin Nov 27 '13 at 13:42
Yes, I showed some code.Do you have any ideas? – same Nov 27 '13 at 14:21
Is salesRow[k] of type SaleRow? – Martin Nov 27 '13 at 14:22
Yes, List<SaleRow> salesRow = new List<SaleRow>(); – same Nov 27 '13 at 14:23

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