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i have a multi-level JSON (it can be 5 levels, but also 10 levels) and what i am trying to do is a simple UI that will show options step-by-step based upon what the user will choose. The interesting part of the JSON file looks like this:

"options" : [
        "options": [
                "options": [
                        "choice": "classic",
                        "options": [

I want to show radios with PLUSS and other choices that are not in the preview of the JSON and when the user clicks on PLUSS, i want to show possible sections (in the preview 5) etc.

UI for the first level is like this:

    <div class="radio" ng-repeat="option in tree.options">
            <input type="radio" name="whatever" ng-click="option_selected(option);" jsonlist>{{option.choice}}

When user clicks on one of the generated radios, i save the selected option model to variable options_to_be_parse. I have a directive called jsonlist which looks like this:

angular.module('myApp.directives').directive('jsonlist', function($compile){
        link: function(scope, elm, attrs){
            scope.$watch('options_to_be_parsed', function(){

                //create a template
                var template = '<div class="cl-md-2"><h4>{{options_to_be_parsed.next_option}}</h4></div>';
                var com_temp = $compile(template)(scope);



When the options_to_be_parsed is changed, i want to simply generate a template for another level and append it to the view. I have several problems with this:

  1. My directive is called twice
  2. I have no idea if this is the right way to do it.

Can someone please help me with the implementation?

thanks, T

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