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I'm using angularJS and doxygen for my project.

In my angular controller, I've some functions defined like this:

function MyCtrl($scope) {
      * @param page String Page name
      * @ingroup API
      * @author Sylvain
     $scope.prev = function(page) {

     ... other functions

I would like that doxygen understand this code as a function declaration.

I have tried to use the @fn command, but then doxygen concatenate all angular functions comments inside the documentation of MyCtrl function without creating a new function block.

Do you have an idea?


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Perhaps the $scope argument is confusing Doxygen. If I change the name to just "scope" and I replace "page" with "scope" in your @param comment, then Doxygen works fine. It produces a function declaration document section, with appropriate content.

Doxygen does not claim to support JavaScript, but it does work if the JavaScript does not look like PHP thanks to the $ symbol.

Maybe this link will help, too: http://blog.coherent-labs.com/2012/10/documenting-javascript-with-doxygen.html

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