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Is there any way to set fiddler to lookup gateway proxy (upstream proxy) from Advanced configuration instead of the common configuration? I have an application that sets multiple proxies for each protocol. So fiddler assumes there is no gateway unless it finds something in the box above.

Also is there any QuickExec command available for changing the Gateway? I'm looking for rapid way to set upstream proxy.

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By default, the upstream gateway for each session is inherited from the IE/Windows default proxy setting that was set when Fiddler starts up.

However, on each session it can be overridden using the X-OverrideGateway Session Flag.

So, to build your own QuickExec action, do this:

Inside Rules > Customize Rules > Handlers, add

public static var m_GatewayOverride = null;

Inside OnBeforeRequest, add

if (null != m_GatewayOverride) { oSession["X-OverrideGateway"] = m_GatewayOverride;

Inside the OnExecAction method's switch statement, add

case "gw":
    if (sParams.Length<2) {m_GatewayOverride = null; return;}
    m_GatewayOverride = sParams[1]; FiddlerObject.StatusText="Set Gateway to " + m_GatewayOverride;
    return true;

Then, you can type things like gw myProxy:1234 to force subsequent requests to myProxy:1234 or simply type gw to clear the override.

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Thanks again! Is there any workaround for the first issue? –  Jones Nov 28 '13 at 8:29
I don't understand "the first issue." Fiddler picks up the proxy settings from WinINET, regardless of whether they're in the "Advanced" configuration or not. What settings do you think aren't being picked up, and what leads you to believe that? Thanks! –  EricLaw Nov 29 '13 at 20:41

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