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Iv'e built a small POC with websockets (JSR-356) I tried to push 50 messages from the server to the client using:

for (int i=0; i<50 ; i++) {
    session.getBasicRemote().sendText("New Message #" + (i+1));

The client side is actually displaying each message:

function onMessage(event) {                     
        document.getElementById('messages').innerHTML += '<br />' + event.data;                     


Problem is, : When i activate firebug, to and put a break point on the function onMessage, at the single line there, Then, i get the program counter breaking on this exact line, and if i press "Step over" the line is being printed as excpected, BUT! there are no more onMessage calls.

Meanning the other 49 messages got lost.

I tried the same with chrome developer tools, and it works well with our without debugging.

I estimate that this is a bug of Firebug.

is it possible that this bug is a bug of firefox instead?

It works as expected.

Then i tried to do

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