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Problem is, my images are showing up in search engines and the attachment page they're showing up on looks horrible. I messed it up when I used CSS to build the page templates that my regular content displays on.

Since my other pages look fine, I really don't want to rebuild whatever template the image attachment page uses. I'd rather just switch the template they display on if I can.

If I could, I would even just get rid of all the image attachment pages since they're just a damn nuisance. I really don't want them appearing in search engine results at all.

I have no clue what php page template the images are using for the attachments page. How can I find that out and change it? Is it single.php?

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Attachment pages range from using simply attachment.php file to almost a dozen other template files.


Attachment display

Template file used to render a single attachment (attachment post-type) page.

  1. MIME_type.php - it can be any MIME type (image.php, video.php, application.php). For text/plain, in order:
    1. text.php
    2. plain.php
    3. text_plain.php
  2. attachment.php
  3. single-attachment.php
  4. single.php
  5. index.php

You can have mime type specific templates for attachments. For example, over at my blog I have a snapshot of JavaScript Meetup using the mime type specific image.php attachment template that handles image attachments.

So if your dealing with images, then I suggest you create an image.php file and drop that into your themes folder and get to work.

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Found it. Thanks! –  user1738825 Nov 27 '13 at 20:00

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