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I have switched from Eclipse to Netbeans. Eclipse has a way too highlighting TODO's in Java comments like:

public void test(String str) {
  // TODO: check if str is null!

In Eclipse I could change the editor configuration so that the TODO was printed bold or in another color. Is there a way to set that up in Netbeans?

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Sorry, right now there is no way to separate highlighting for TODO. You can only change the highlighting for comments. But that's not what you want.

In NB 7.4 there is a new way to control tasks (especially bug tasks). You can connect NB with a bug tracking tool like Bugzilla or JIRA.

Look here for this new feature: http://wiki.netbeans.org/NewAndNoteworthyNB74#Tasks_window

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There's a helpful Netbenas feature that has been renamed to Action items in version 7.4 and has formerly been known as Todo Tasks. To show occurences of keywords in comments like TODO or FIX in a separate list go to Window/Action Items. The listed keywords can be configured in Tools/Options/Miscellaneous/Action Items.

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Oh this is awesome was looking exactly for this! thank you. –  Tomas Bisciak Apr 10 at 11:37

Following Deve's answer, in Netbeans 8 things changed a little bit.

In version 8, it is in Tools/Options/Team/Action Items

More info: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HsENrzwsiOw&hd=1

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And in the OS X version of NetBeans this is NetBeans/Preferences/Team/Action Items –  radicaledward101 Sep 23 at 14:30

I was able to achieve something close in Netbeans 8.0 (I can't speak for 7.4)..

You will need to use the Javadoc syntax:

/** @TODO something */

This isn't the most desirable workaround, but it is sufficient for me.

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