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I have a problem with PYCharm 3.0.1 I can't run basic unittests.

Here is my code :

import unittest from MysqlServer import MysqlServer

class MysqlServerTest(unittest.TestCase):

    def setUp(self):
        self.mysqlServer = MysqlServer("ip", "username", "password", "db", port)

    def test_canConnect(self):

if __name__ == '__main__':

Here is All the stuff pycharm give me

Unable to attach test reporter to test framework or test framework quit unexpectedly

Is also says

AttributeError: class TestLoader has no attribute '__init__'

And the event log :

2:14:28 PM Empty test suite

The problem is when i run manually the python file (with pycharm, as a script)

Ran 1 tests in 0.019s

FAILED (failures=1)

Which is normal i make the test fail on purpose. I am a bit clueless on what is going on here more information : Setting->Python INtegrated Tools->Package requirements file: /src/test Default test runner: Unittests pyunit 1.4.1 Is installed

Thank you for any kind of help.

EDIT: Same thing happen with the basic usage from unitests.py

import unittest

class IntegerArithmenticTestCase(unittest.TestCase):
def testAdd(self):  ## test method names begin 'test*'
    self.assertEquals((1 + 2), 3)
    self.assertEquals(0 + 1, 1)

def testMultiply(self):
    self.assertEquals((0 * 10), 0)
    self.assertEquals((5 * 8), 40)

if __name__ == '__main__':
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This is probably because you did not set your testing framework correctly in the settings dialogue.

enter image description here

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I did set it up to unittests – drgn Nov 28 '13 at 14:23
After a JVM change,(Open to Sun) A couple reboot, and the usage of py.test instead of unittests (that still not work). I can run my test inside pycharm with the py.test framework. Also look like i had some deprecated package i had to update via the setuptools. – drgn Nov 28 '13 at 15:50
I am seeing what I think is the same base problem on pycharm 3.x. On the previous versions of pycharm my if __name__ == '__main__' block was executed. Now it is not. This messes up some tests when run under the debugger. – Samantha Atkins Jan 11 '14 at 0:24

Although this wasn't the case with the original poster, I'd like to note that another thing that will cause this are test functions that don't begin with the word 'test.'

class TestSet(unittest.TestCase):

    def test_will_work(self):

    def will_not_work(self):
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This was exactly my problem and I laughed out loud when I realized it. – John Q May 25 '15 at 20:38

Definitely a pycharm thingy, repeating from above,

  • Run --> Edit Configurations.
  • select the instances of the test, and press the red minus button.
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