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I've files that are automatically created (empty) that I want to be added in my mercurial repo but never modified after the first add/commit.

I tried to use a precommit hook revert "glob:**.ext" it works on avoiding commit changes but it also prevent commit adding those files. I need those file to be tracked because I use hg purge sometimes and it delete every untracked/ignored files.

I use TortoiseHg (unfornutately I've no choice).

Can you help me with that ?

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I think it would be best, if you just backup those files, and have a script that copies them over in your project structure, after you do a purge. –  hovanessyan Nov 27 '13 at 20:11

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Have a look at this extension called exclude.

Other options

  1. Add a template file. For eg: Add something.ext.template to your repository and add something.ext to .hgignore.

  2. Add this to your .hgrc


commit = -X something.ext

But i think the above might exclude it from the initial commit as well.

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