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I have a program called FEKO installed on my machine. I want to uninstall it using wmic command from the command prompt.

But when I run the command it does not seem to uninstall it. I verified that I have FEKO installed on my system. What is the can be the problem ?

C:\Users\me>wmic product where "Name like '%FEKO%'" call uninstall
Executing (\\ME\ROOT\CIMV2:Win32_Product.IdentifyingNumber="{90D43EF1-D5A0-4F66-   AB0D-200965758308}",Name="FEKO Suite",Version="6.2")->Uninstall()
Method execution successful.
Out Parameters:
instance of __PARAMETERS
    ReturnValue = 1603;
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Maybe you need to open your command prompt as Administrator and try it again. Or simply use PowerShell –  Chelseawillrecover Nov 27 '13 at 22:08

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