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I want to use some output of a command, but I don't know, how I can save the output in a variable or file.

The script is connecting to a specified server via telnet and executes different commands. One command is needed for further commands. Well... I have to save these informations from the command output.

My code:

            echo open server portnumber
            sleep 2s
            echo "login username password"
            sleep 1s
            echo "use sid=1"

            CLIENT_LIST=$(echo "clientlist")

            sleep 1s

            echo "clientupdate client_nickname=Administrator"

            for client_id in $(echo $CLIENT_LIST | grep -Eo "clid=[0-9]+" | grep -Eo "[0-9]+"); do
                    echo "clientpoke clid=$client_id msg=How\sare\syou!"
                    sleep 1s

            sleep 1s
            echo "logout"
            echo "quit"
    ) | telnet

I want to save the output of the command 'clientlist' in a variable or file. A variable would be the best solution. But actually the variable just saves 'clientlist' and not the output of the command. :(

I hope somebody can help me. Thanks in advance! :)

If you want to test it: It's made for TeamSpeak 3 server.

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If by this question you mean "I want to run the clientlist command on the remote machine, then capture its output to a variable on the local machine", then you can't do this using something like your script. (Note that you script only pipes input into the telnet command; telnet's output isn't captured anywhere.)

You'll need to write a script using something like expect, or one of its work-alikes in another language like Perl or Python.

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Ah, okay. Thank you. I will execute this code 3-times with different commands and will save the output of telnet in files. That's working. I thought there exists a better solution. :( –  user2966991 Nov 28 '13 at 8:13

To run the command 'clientlist' and save the output in a variable:


In bash or sh, the $(...) syntax means "run this command and return whatever output it produces."

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