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I have code in SVN, and try to figure out the exact steps to build it using Jenkins.

This is what we do with ClearCase(for any code line): 1: make a baseline in the stream/branch, 2: copy the code in the above baseline into the build workspace, 3: run the build against the above build workspace.

The baseline is made in the original code base/branch, such as the trunk in SVN. With that baseline we know the exact code base has been built. And with two such build baselines, we can get the change set.

Now how can we achieve the same with SVN? I am thinking: 1. In Jenkins, use SVN plugin to build the code in trunk. Jenkins records the SVN revision number for each build. 2. use svn-tag post-build plugin to tag each successful build. Compare two of tags can find the change list. (Is this step necessary?)

The major difference between ClearCase and SVN is ClearCase baselines/tag) the original file, which SVN creates another copy.

Can you please tell me how do you do your build?

Thanks Jirong

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