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So this is my current structure:

 public class PassingVariables extends UiautomatorTestCase{

    int variable1;
    int variable2;

 public void setUp() throws UiObjectNotFound{

       ///Set up


 public void testSetVariable(){
        variable1 = 6;
        variable2 = 7;
        System.out.printlin(variable1 +" " + variable2);
 public void testReadVariable(){

I am expecting this to output, 6, 7, then 6 and 7. But it is outputting 6, 7 then 0 and 0.

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These methods are called via command line. public class PassingVariables... IS my main. These are uiautomation tests for android. –  Binghammer Nov 27 '13 at 22:03

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Surely constructor is not called once, but n times if they are n tests. You expect one shared instance, but in reality, there are n instances.

That makes sense, since for the testReadVariable(), variables are not set in there, so you end up with default values that are 0 and 0.

Test should be independent, and you expect them to be dependent...

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