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I am trying to import Tktable in python 2.7. I have put the Tktable.py file within my project folder. Last time, when I was using Canopy, it is working perfectly. After I changed to PyCharm and uninstalled Canopy, a lot of libs went wrong, I have successfully fixed all the others except Tktable. Can anyone helped me? Here is the error I got:

File "/Users/XXX/XXX/XXX/project/Tktable.py", line 121, in __init__
    master.tk.call('package', 'require', 'Tktable')
TclError: can't find package Tktable
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The libraries available from PyCharm depend on your Project Interpreter.

A quick check is to use the Project View (Tool #1), and browse the External Libraries. If the library is not there, you can try to:

  • Add the location of your library, via Preferences.../Project Interpreter/Python Interpreters (paths tab)
  • (Re)install the library from PyCharm, again via Python Interpreters (packages tab).
  • Set another interpreter for your project, if one of them has your library already.

  • Install the library from outside PyCharm, for the right python version.

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