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I try to test some codes which don't return anything but save the result to the DB. By mocking the save method, I wish to check whether things have been processed correctly:

def mock_save(self):
    assert(self.attr, 'dest_val')
with mock.patch.object(Item, "save", create=True) as save:
    save.side_effect = mock_save
    func_to_call() //in func_to_call, I call item.save()

However, it seems that this is not allowed. It says that the number of argument mismatch.

If I do def mock_save(), it won't work.

How can I have a reference to the object which the mock method act upon too? (I saw it in another thread which is applicable to init method which can be called directly from the class)

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You need autospec=True

def mock_save(self):
    assert self.attr == 'dest_val'
with mock.patch.object(Item, "save", autospec=True) as save:
    save.side_effect = mock_save
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