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We created a REST based WCF service and we have Windows Authentication enabled at our Website (which contains few ASMX and few SVC too).

We were hitting this WCF service with JQuery AJAX from a domain say B to this service B:8080, and in IE8 we faced an issue that it was giving status as 0 readystate 4. We added a Plugin to JQuery "MoonScript" to ensure XDomainRequest is used for IE8.

Though the issue of status 0 was resolved, it started giving Status 401, which was authorization error.

We later on converted this REST based service to Soap based and started using SoapClient.js, basically SVC service was changed to basichttpbinding, but due to Windows Authentication we had to enable Security Mode as TransportCredentialsOnly and Windows Authentication.

When we tried accessing this SVC on B:8080 we started getting the same exception in XMLResponse with status as 401 (we checked with Fiddler for these headers).

Finally we had to move to ASMX service and access it via SoapClient.js. It worked.


  1. Why is ASMX working and not SVC (via SOAPclient), also REST call via Ajax was not working?

  2. I checked SoapClient and internally it is using the same XMLHttpRequest, how it is able to work while JQUERY AJAX failed because of XDomainRequest?

It will clear my concepts with your help.

Thanks in advance!!!

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