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Am working on CefSharp application. Downloaded from this link. I want to set proxy manually. Have applied AutoDetectProxySettings = true, but not sure either it is working or not. In the sample

bool IRequestHandler.GetAuthCredentials(IWebBrowser browser, bool isProxy, string host, int port, string realm, string scheme, ref string username, ref string password) { return false; }

marked a breakpoint there but it is not calling it.

Thanks in advance.

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AFAK it doesn't work currently. Look in discussions here This is a boring problem...

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its working just in CefExample.cs add

                    settings.CefCommandLineArgs.Add("proxy-server", proxy.ProxyAddress);
                settings.CefCommandLineArgs.Add("proxy-bypass-list", "127.*,192.168.*,10.10.*,193.9.162.*");

it will work

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