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I am trying to create a directive that will create the following HTML so I do not have to keep writing this in many places:

    <div class="activity-mask" data-ng-show="loading!=0">
        <span>Loading... {{ loading }}</span>
    <div class="activity-mask" data-ng-show="fetching!=0">
        <span>Fetching... {{ fetching }}</span>

Here is what I tried:

 app.directive('myActivity', function() {
    return {
        restrict: "A",
        template: "<div class='activity-mask' data-ng-show='loading!=0'>" +
                   "<span>Loading... {{ loading }}</span>" + 
                   "</div>" +
                   "<div class='activity-mask' data-ng-show='fetching!=0'>" +
                   "<span>Fetching... {{ fetching }}</span>" +
        replace: true

However this gives me the following error:

Error: [$compile:tplrt] http://errors.angularjs.org/1.2.2/$compile/tplrt?p0=myActivity&p1=
    at Error (<anonymous>)
    at wa (
    at R (
    at R (
    at R (
    at t (
    at h (
    at l.compile.x (
    at g.$get.g.$broadcast ( angular.min.js:84
(anonymous function) angular.min.js:84
$get angular.min.js:62
$get.g.$broadcast angular.min.js:103
$.transitionTo.$.transition.I.then.$.transition.$.transition angular-ui-router.min.js:7
k.promise.then.A angular.min.js:91
(anonymous function) angular.min.js:93
$get.g.$eval angular.min.js:101
$get.g.$digest angular.min.js:98
$get.g.$apply angular.min.js:101
g angular.min.js:67
w angular.min.js:71
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Can you try putting it in a templateUrl. –  smk Nov 28 '13 at 6:38
Would it not be the same if I put it in a Url ? I think the problem is maybe something to do with the way the parameters are passed to the template but I am not sure as this is my first directive. –  Samantha J Nov 28 '13 at 6:41

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The answer is in the error stack itself. Just follow the error description link:


When using replace: true your template needs to have one root node. Yours have two.

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