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I want to setup a Sentry logger for a Django project. I will define a sentry handler and will put that handler in the root logger with error level.

According to the documentation of logging module, there a special root key:

root - this will be the configuration for the root logger. Processing of the configuration will be as for any logger, except that the propagate setting will not be applicable.

At the same time in other places a logger with name '' is used to contain configuration for the root logger.

Does this have the same effect? What is preferable?

>>> import logging
>>> logging.getLogger('') is logging.root
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Either way will work, because the logger named '' is the root logger. Specifying root makes it clearer what you're doing if you're configuring a lot of loggers - the '' logger configuration could be lost inside a group of others, whereas the root key is adjacent to the loggers key and so (in theory) should stand out more.

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