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Not planning to deploy the app in the appstore, just for personal development. I have some questions that I hope someone could clarify with me which I myself am confused. I am using a jailbroken iphone with iOS5.1 firmware and developing the app with xcode.

First, is it true that once a phone is jailbroken, i can create a third party app to access the system .db files directly such as the call history, sms in /private/var/mobile/Library/ ? (In individual cases of iOS 5,6,7). Do I have to store my app in the /Applications folder first so that my app is not sandboxed? I have been googling and have different answers, some saying that it is possible to directly access it while some saying its not possible and others giving examples of using private frameworks.

Second, while looking at public frameworks that only allow retrieving of user data such as the address book and event, I stumbled upon private frameworks which I am not sure what it is for such as the list over here. https://github.com/nst/iOS-Runtime-Headers. Do these private frameworks allow retrieving of the user data/system files which are not available in the public frameworks such as safari bookmarks etc.?

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These really need to be split up. Stack Overflow is built to encourage many, narrowly-defined questions, and very specific answers. It's not a discussion forum. Your question about using private frameworks should be made specific (e.g. about Safari bookmarks), and turned into its own question. Otherwise, you can imagine getting very good answers, that can only address part of your question. –  Nate Dec 1 '13 at 2:50
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