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I'm tring to do a loop for Nav links below my posts. This is going into the _layout of posts.html

I can't get the link to not show if the post is the last or the first. Any help would be awesome.

{% for post in site.posts %}

    {% if post.previous != forloop.last %} 
        ← Last
    {% elsif post.next != forloop.first %} 
        Next →
    {% endif %}

{% endfor %}
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I had better luck using page.next/previous

    {% if page.previous %} 
        <a rel="prev" href="{{ page.previous.url }}">&larr; Older</a>
    {% endif %}
    {% if page.next %} 
        <a rel="next" href="{{ page.next.url }}">Newer &rarr;</a>
    {% endif %}
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Change your if statements to just check if post.previous exists.

{% if post.previous %}
<span class="page-nav-item">
    <a rel="prev" href="{{ post.previous.url }}" title="View {{ post.previous.title }}">&larr; View previous article</a>
{% endif %}
{% if post.next %}
<span class="page-nav-item">
    <a rel="next" href="{{ post.next.url }}" title="View {{ post.next.title }}">View next article &rarr;</a>
{% endif %}
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I had better luck using 'page.next' and 'page.previous', but thanks for the help. –  Colby Olson Jan 11 '10 at 1:52

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