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With amazon annoucing postgresql service in RDS, can we setup chef-server(11) with amazon rds postgresql database, rather than using the default databse that gets installed with the omnibus installer. I have read that we can achieve same by configuring chef-server.rb file and then reconfiguring the chef-server, but can't get what setttings to specify in the chef-server.rb file. Any help will be appreciated.

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I did not try this, but it seems rather straightforward.

Check your chef-server-running.json, it should be in /etc/chef-server. The file has properties listed with which chef-server is running. Scroll down to "postgresql" - you will see some properties used for connecting to postgresql database.

Add the properties you would like to change (such as *listen_address* or *sql_password*) into chef-server.rb file like that:

postgresql['listen_address'] = 'new_host'
postgresql['sql_password'] = 'new_password'

and run

chef-server-ctl reconfigure

Then start chef-server and make sure that chef-server-running.json now has new values for postgresql.

Hopefully that helps.

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