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I have pure ActionScript project, that produces SWF file. The problem is that after 3-4 compilations SWF is cached somehow :) And my changes doesn`t work.

Cache doesn`t work if I add some dummy parameter to URL like this: Config

But after 3-4 compilations I should change it again. Is some there some tool to generate and add random parameter ?

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You may save the swf path in a xml file, it would be like this

<swf name="a.swf">

<swf name="b.swf">

And then you can use Date class to get the current time and set it as parameter. It's easy to change the xml and load it.

 var d:Date = new Date();

 //replace the path with new value
 var newPath:String = "someFolder/a.swf?" + String(d.time);
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