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I am building a single page application using the hot towel template.

How do I force breeze to read data that is already cached on the client?

What I am trying to do is populate combo boxes based on other combo boxes. Basically I have a company that has many divisions and a divisions has staff. When the page is activated I load the companies into a combo box. Below that combo box is the division's combo box and below that is the staff combo box.

I would like the division combo box to be populated when a company is selected and it should only contain divisions in the company and the staff combo box should do the same but based on the division combo box.

The way I currently have it is when a company is selected, breeze does a Web API call to the back end to get all the company divisions and I store those in an observable array which is bound to the UI with knockout. The same process happens for the staff member. That all works but now for my issues:

1 - How do i read the cached entities because it seems when i get the companies it also brings the divisions and it staff members. It would be nice when a company is selected i just read the cached divisions in memory.I think its not doing any lazy loading.

2 - If i run some sort of report based on a company and division it brings back one company many division with all employees. it does not apply the filter( 1 company and 1 divisions) it still brings back all the divisions and not a specific division that is selected.

When I run the web api call through fiddler, the data is filtered as required but the breeze json results are not filtered. I get problem number 2 stated above.

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Can you post some sample code of your breeze call on client and how your action method looks like on server? Seems like you are not returning IQueryable<> if filter is not applied –  Dominictus Nov 28 '13 at 15:20

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