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Can I use RF=3 in DC2 or RACK nodes count must be higher than RF?

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Based on the documentation, I think the rule you are referring to is this:

As a general rule, the replication factor should not exceed the number of nodes in the cluster.

Your replication factor exceeds the number of nodes in each rack, but I think that's ok. Are you using NetworkTopologyStrategy? The same doc also indicates that:

NetworkTopologyStrategy places replicas in the same data center by walking the ring clockwise until reaching the first node in another rack. NetworkTopologyStrategy attempts to place replicas on distinct racks because nodes in the same rack (or similar physical grouping) often fail at the same time due to power, cooling, or network issues.

So if you are using NetworkTopologyStrategy, then I think your replication factor of 3 for DC2 should work just fine.

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