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I have a left join to perform . And take the entire objects from it . However it times out when the item collection is empty on doing .Select (x=>x.object) ;

 public Tuple<td_GroupLicense, List<td_UserGroupMap>> ReturnActiveLicenseInfo(int GroupID)
        Tuple<td_GroupLicense, List<td_UserGroupMap>> Tuple;

        var GroupUserLicense = from grp in Context.td_Groups
                               from lic in Context.td_GroupLicenses
                                  .Where(x => grp.IdGroup == x.GroupID && x.GroupID == GroupID)
                               from ugm in Context.td_UserGroupMaps
                                .Where(x => grp.IdGroup == x.GroupID && x.GroupID == GroupID)
                               select new { GL = lic, UGM = ugm };

        td_GroupLicense License = GroupUserLicense.Select(x => x.GL).Distinct().SingleOrDefault();
        List<td_UserGroupMap> UserMaps = GroupUserLicense.Select(x => x.UGM)

        Tuple = new Tuple<td_GroupLicense, List<td_UserGroupMap>>(License, UserMaps);
        return Tuple;

when I do the join then the line in

List<td_UserGroupMap> UserMaps = GroupUserLicense.Select(x => x.UGM)

times out since the collection UGM in GroupUserLicense is null . It cannot do the operation . I want to put the left join result of License and Usegroupmaps into the corresponding objects . But the Right table is null so the timeout occurs . How to overcome that ? And why is it happening ?

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Calling .OfType<td_UserGroupMap>() seems to be unnecessary. –  Alireza Nov 28 '13 at 10:18
@Alireza but the problem is UGM is actually null so its not able to select neither convert it tolist() –  Joy Nov 29 '13 at 5:50

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