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For a given (m by n) matrix poly I would like generate its lines with the following expression:

poly(i, :) = [X(i) X(i)^2 X(i)^3 ... X(i)^p]

I am given a (m by 1) X vector and the value p. My current solution is:

poly(:,1) = X;
for i = 2:p
    poly(:,i) = X.^i;

My question is: is their any way to further vectorize this? I also generated a cell array of functions that could be applied to the matrix row by row, but I still had to loop.


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Sure, it's possible using (for example) the built-in helper function ones().

Step-through solution:

poly = ones(size(X,1),p  );
poly = poly .* X;
powers = 1:p;
poly = poly .^ powers;


poly = (ones(size(X,1),p) .* X) .^[1:p];
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I got your X dimenstion wrong, I think. Edited. –  uvesten Nov 28 '13 at 9:59
Tried it out, for the looped version with X=[1:10^3]' and p = 10^3 the time elapsed was 2.757 seconds on my computer. The vectorized version ran in 0.004 seconds, quite a speedup! –  uvesten Nov 28 '13 at 10:17
I tried your code and it doesn't seem to work. Note that poly is a matrix of (m by n). The number of columns n = p + 1 where all of column one is the same as X. X is a vector of m by 1. Although it doesn't seem to fit is has given me ideas on using repmap and reshaping the result into a matrix. –  user2051561 Nov 28 '13 at 15:18
Oh yes, the code works, and gives identical results to your algorithm. What seems to be the problem? –  uvesten Nov 28 '13 at 15:51
And since you loop from 2:p, n would be equal to p in your example... (i.e. not n = p+1 as you write above.) –  uvesten Nov 28 '13 at 15:52

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