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So I am currently thinking about a small sideproject for me, where I thought about taking the Raspberry Pi Camera module, together with a RasPi NoIR camera module to take a timelapse of an area at specific times a day. This is my first RPi project, and the first time I use Python for anything else than messing about, keep this in mind when answering please.

Thus far I have created a "pseudocode" with some actual code/syntax, and some just guessing. (like for example "DateTime.X", I do not know if I can use it like this, because of the lack of RTC, I have thought of adding an RTC chip to handle it. The area that the unit should stand in does not have any form of internet, but I can get power there fairly easily.)

Here is my pseudocode, please tell me if you see something wrong, or something that I should change, thus far this is only the pseudocode for the RPi Camera module, not the NoIR.

    Loop { import datetime import os
if (DateTime.Hour == ("0","5","10","15","20")) == true and (os.path.exists(current.jpg) == false:
    raspistill -o current.jpg

if (DateTime.hour ==("1","6","11","16","21")) == true and (os.path.exists(current.jpg) == true:
    os.rename ('current.jpg', 'DateTime.Year+"."+DateTime.Month+"."+DateTime.Day+"_"+DateTime.Hour-1)
Goto loop

The idea behind it is that it will get the hour of the day, then check it against the numbers (So if the hour is O (midnight), it will give an OK), then check if there is already a file called "current.jpg". If there is no image named that, it will go on. The following statement just makes the camera module take a picture named "current.jpg".

If an image named "current.jpg" already exist, then it will go to the next line, which will at one hour later rename the image to the date and time the image was taken. So if the image was taken the 1st of january, 2013, at 0 in the morning, the code will run one hour later, and rename the image "2013.01.1_0.jpg".

I am unsure of whether or not I could use the date and time when taking the image, or just declare a variable. Some info here would be nice.

Thanks for all of the help, and for reading through my rambling.

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