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How can we connect SQLite database through SQL Server 2012 stored Procedure ??

I have tried creating Linked Server but it's not working for me.

Also i have tried following approach but this also not working.

    DECLARE @server     sysname,
        @srvproduct nvarchar(256),
        @provider   nvarchar(256),
        @datasrc    nvarchar(100),
        @location   nvarchar(100),
        @provstr    nvarchar(100),
        @catalog    sysname,
        @sql        varchar(1000)
    --add an SQLite Database as a linked server
    SET @server = N'mySQLite'
    SET @srvproduct = N'SQLite Provider'
    SET @provider = N'MSDASQL'
    SET @datasrc = N'C:\Project\SQLITE\SampleEmpty.db'
    set @provstr    = ''
    EXEC sp_addlinkedserver  @server,@srvproduct,@provider,@datasrc,NULL,@provstr

Above code base create the link but gives an error while Test Connection.

Can anyone tell me how can we achieve this.

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