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I'm doing some calculation with numbers and would like to only print an integer (the number without the decimals).

I thought that the toFixed() method of the Number class would do the trick, and it does most of the time. But quite frequently strange values are returned. Here are 2 examples:

  • Number(0.002).toFixed(0) returns "0." while Number(1.002).toFixed(0) returns "1" (without the period)

  • Once in a while, Number(0.002).toFixed(0) returns "1"

Needless to say that's not the expected behaviour. Am I not using this method correctly?

*edit: * I know I just have to do int(0.002) to get 0 but I'd like to understand that strange behaviour.

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This is a known bug. The unsexy workaround is to use either use Math.round() or just checking the returned string for that trailing period.

See bug report on JIRA here:

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I've tested both on Flex SDK 3.4 and Flex SDK 4.0 and it looks like a bug, maybe post it on Although I think it might be related to the Flash Player rather than Flex.

Anyway if you're trying to convert a number to a string with no decimal places you can use this as a workaround:


This will get rid of all the digits after the dot.

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thanks for testing on flex 4. I'll post a bug. Your solution however will return "1" when theNumber = 0.902 for example and I wanted "0" returned. – Guillaume Flandre Jan 8 '10 at 9:52
Then how about using Math.floor() instead of Math.round() – Christophe Herreman Jan 8 '10 at 10:36
Right, Math.floor, thanks for the correction, absent-mindedness will be the end of me. – Robert Bak Jan 8 '10 at 19:42

Just FYI for those reading this question: obviously this is a known bug, but I wanted to mention I'm seeing this issue with the Flex 4.0 SDK as well as the current Flex 4.1 SDK. On the Adobe bugs site I've asked for clarification on when this was fixed (the ticket says "Resolved: 02/26/09 01:28 PM" but not which version allegedly contains the fix).

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