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I am using WPF ComboBox,

I want to retrieve all the values from a ComboBox or a ComboBoxItem by using Index

var v = cmbSubject.Items.GetItemAt(0);
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Here is the answer

 var v = cmbSubject.Items.GetItemAt(0);
            DataRowView dv = (DataRowView)v;
            string strCmbItem = dv[1].ToString();
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Something like that ?

List<var> Items = cmbSubject.Items;
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Example XAML:

<ComboBox x:Name="myComboBox" SelectedIndex="0" >
   <ComboBoxItem Content="Item one"></ComboBoxItem>
   <ComboBoxItem Content="Item two"></ComboBoxItem>
   <ComboBoxItem Content="Item three"></ComboBoxItem>

The ComboBox in this example has 3 items, these are ComboBoxItems. If you try to get the Content of a ComboBox you will need something like this:

String ContentOfItemOne = (myComboBox.Items[0] as ComboBoxItem).Content.ToString();

I hope it helps.

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