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I'm trying to support syntax highlighting in the cms Plone.

The context: we are using a base Plone install. Add a document and change type from HTML to Restructuredtext then add a simple code block:

.. code-block :: python

from plone import api

Save the document and you have the following html code block

<pre class="code python literal-block">
    <span class="keyword namespace">from</span> <span class="name namespace">plone</span> <span class="keyword namespace">import</span> <span class="name">api</span>

So the transforms happens but the classes uses here doesn't fit with any CSS I have found on Internet.

debugging this show me docutils.utils.code_analyser.py Lexer.init is called with tokennames='long' instead of tokennames='short'

This is why the class names are long. I have two options:

  • finding how to change it ? (without just monkey patching but the call chain is so big...)
  • finding how to generate with pygments the long version
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Hmm. That looks like ReST, not Markdown. But the html doesn't look like pygments, which is what docutils uses. confused. –  Lennart Regebro Nov 28 '13 at 11:25

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