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I need to include a Stored Procedure in Visual Studio 2013 which references another Database which is not part of the solution. I only refer to a very small portion of the external database which is itself big and complicated.

I know I need to add a reference to it so that I don't get warnings when referring to objects within the external database from within the Stored Procedure.

Adding that Database to a this or another Solution is not an option as its not part of our solution and importing that creates a whole variety of other issues.

I can see in older versions of Visual Studio that I need to create a schema file using VSDBCMD but this has been replaced by SQLPackage, but I can't see how to access that and whether it will need the external database anyway.

I've been going round in circles on this, so some pointers would be warmly welcomed.

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I realize I am late to the party on this but perhaps it will still be useful to someone: You don't mention if this is a c# project or a database project.

I'll assume database as I not sure how you'd get errors otherwise on the internals of an SP.

The only way I know of to remove errors on cross-database references is to add the other database as a project in the database solution, add a database reference to the project with the sp, and then instead of using Database.schema.table syntax in the sp change it (in the database project) to [$(database)].schema.table

Alternately, a DACPAC can be created on the referenced database and used instead of referencing the database in an added project.

I'm new to this stuff myself, but I work with a lot of database cross-references in my sps so I am working through how to address this in database projects

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