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So I got a route

resources :storefronts do
  resources :customers
      member do
        post :select

For cancan I got my ability.rb

if user.admin?
      can :enter, :backend
      if user.global_admin? 
         # Global Admin
        can :manage, :all
         # Storefront Admin
         can :manage, user.storefronts
         can :manage, user.kitchens
         can [:select], User
  # Registered User
  can :index, Product
  can :show, Product

I got my customers_controller.rb with my select action

def select
  @customer = User.customers.find(params[:id])
  session[:current_customer] = @customer.id if @customer
  return redirect_to admin_root_url, :notice => "Store #{@customer.name} has been selected."

I want a storefront admin to be able to use the select action in the customers controller, that's why I added "can [:select], User" but that doesn't work. Customers is a scope in user.rb

scope :customers, where(:type => nil)

What am I doing wrong?

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Looks good to me, and what is the problem the admin doesn't have the access to the controller action ? –  minohimself Nov 28 '13 at 13:59

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