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I have a problem regarding Reporting Service and the exported .pdf functionality - how do I control the Hyperlinks it creates and their target? The reason is, I use the generated .pdf as our print-functionality (of messages) in a web application (embedded in a portal). The problem occurs when the message contains a Link.

Reporting Service automatically creates a Hyperlink but sets no TARGET which means that the link simply opens up in the window where it's displayed. My question:

Is there any way to control the Target of all links in a Reporting Services generated .pdf? If not, can I disable the links entirely making them non-clickable?

Kind regards Michael

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I'm not sure this is possible. When exporting to PDF any text prefixed with http:\\ or www. seems to be converted to links automatically.

A rather hacky solution could be to set up a calculated field to remove any prefixes


That will convert or to plain and it won't be clickable when you export to pdf.

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Although not quite what I wanted, this could hackfix the problem. PS. Sorry for late reply ;) – Michael Vognsen Nielsen Nov 21 '14 at 7:41

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