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I get the same scaling and same subtitles. This is not what I want. How can I reset the subtitle and scaling?

plt.imshow(grid1, extent=(x1.min(), x1.max(), y1.min(), y1.max()), origin='lower',  
           aspect='auto', interpolation='nearest', cmap=cm.gist_rainbow)      
fig1 = plt.gcf()
fig1.suptitle('Effectualness_etta of %s and %s' % (waveform1, waveform2))
             % (waveform1, waveform2), dpi=100)

plt.imshow(grid3, extent=(x3.min(), x3.max(), y3.min(), y3.max()), origin='lower',
           aspect='auto', interpolation='nearest', cmap=cm.gist_rainbow)
fig3 = plt.gcf()
fig3.suptitle('Effectualness_mo_M_chirp of %s and %s' % (waveform1, waveform2))
              % (waveform1, waveform2), dpi=100)

plt.imshow(grid2, extent=(x2.min(), x2.max(), y2.min(), y2.max()), origin='lower', 
           aspect='auto', interpolation='nearest', cmap=cm.gist_rainbow)
fig2 = plt.gcf()
fig2.suptitle('Effectualness_M_chirp of %s and %s' % (waveform1, waveform2))
             % (waveform1, waveform2), dpi=100)
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Something weird going on with the formatting here...could you fix it? Have a look at stackoverflow.com/editing-help –  YXD Nov 28 '13 at 13:02
I tried but I couldn't fix it :( –  Dr. Manhattan Nov 28 '13 at 13:06
are fig1, fig2 and fig3 three different figures? I've the feeling that you are overplotting the imshow on the same axes of the same figure. –  Francesco Montesano Nov 28 '13 at 13:21
That's exactly right. How can I avoid over writing? –  Dr. Manhattan Nov 28 '13 at 13:33
See stackoverflow.com/a/14261698/380231 The root of your problem is the use of the state machine interface in a script. –  tcaswell Nov 28 '13 at 19:09

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After each block there must be a plt.close() to avoid over plotting.

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for (grid, x, y, subtitle_str, save_path_str) in zip([grid1, grid2, grid3],
                                                     [x1, x2, x3], [y1, y2, y3], 
                                                     list_of_titles, list_of_paths)):    
    fig, ax = plt.subplots()
    im = ax.imshow(grid, extent=(x.min(), x.max(), y.min(), y.max()), origin='lower',  
               aspect='auto', interpolation='nearest', cmap=cm.gist_rainbow)      
    # or
    # ax.set_title(suptitle_str)
    fig.savefig(save_path_str, dpi=100)

As a side note, if you only have one axes in the figure, you can just use the axes title.

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