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when i instrument my classes using Maven 2 using the command

mvn cobertura:instrument

The output (the instrumented classes) are put in \target\generated-classes. Is there a way to change the output location to \target\classes?

I checked the instrumentation tasks of the cobertura-maven plugin but this does not give me a solution sofar.

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Pascal. Did you find a solition for this that would enable the instrumented classes to be generated in the classes folder, and further, be picked up by m2eclipse to be published to tomcat? –  sfk Aug 31 '11 at 16:23

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As far as I understand, the instrumented classes are only needed by cobertura for report generation. If you create them in target/classes, they will overwrite the original class files.

If you need the instrumented files in a jar as a result, you can configure the maven-jar-plugin to pick up the files from the target/generated-classes directory instead of or in addition to the files from the standard ${build.project.outputDirectory}.


Have a look at the maven-jar-plugin description. To only use target/generated-classes, the following addition to your POM should work - try it and modify it to your needs:

        <version>2.3</version> <!-- replace with correct version nbr! -->


${project.build.directory} points to your target folder, ${project.build.ouputDirectory} to target/classes. I do not know if you can simply set ${project.build.ouputDirectory} to a new value - have a look at the this chapter of the maven book, maybe you find some hints

Edit 2

Alternativly or additionally you can use maven to copy the files from target/generated-classes to target/classes after coberture:instrument has finished. This question has one answer with an example POM (fragment), you just have to identify the correct phase (process-resources is definitely too early for your case)

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That would be optimal to overwrite the target/classes, in that way the packaging of my wars, jars and ears will be untouched. Is it enough to overwrite/set the ${project.build.outputDirectory} for generation or packaging? –  Marco Jan 8 '10 at 10:39
I need those instrumented classes inside my jars/wars and ears. So i am looking for a way on how to accomplish this the easy way. –  Marco Jan 8 '10 at 10:53

You have not said why you want to overwrite the default location, but I assume it is so that you can use the instrumented classes from another project, or perhaps include them in a web archive or something similar.

I added the following to my pom.xml


This makes maven generate an additional jar file called projectname-instrumented.jar

It is then possible to depend on this jar file from any other pom (including for example a web module) using


I did not test this 100% but have used similar mechanisms in the past

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Did you try "mvn cobertura:instrument install"? It will generate a jar file including all the cobertura version classes. If you want to change back original version, just run the command without "cobertura:instrument".

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I just implemented the solution proposed by Andreas_D, modified my pom and uses the maven-resources-plugin. So on some stage of my build the Cobertura generated files are copied to the /target/classes directory.

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You can configure it using <classesDirectory>[Your DIR]</classesDirectory>

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In cobertura-maven-plugin version 2.4 this is still not supported. I've just created an improvement ticket, patch is attached to the ticket.

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