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I have a agent-client architecture in python with communications conducted through xml-rpc library.

A script on the client side calls the agent function as follows in my code.


class ClientScript():
  def getReturnMsg(cmdId):
    *some stuff here*

My agent script has all the functions registered as follows.


import agentScript  

Agent.py then calls agentScript which has the function definition.


def agentFunction():
  **do something**

My explanation might be very superficial but the problem is very generic. I want to access the arguments that is being passed from client to agentFunction from the Agent.py script.

i.e. I want cmdId variable to be available in the Agent.py script. I currently have tried calling another function on the agent side to set up the variable in the environment but it is not working as well as its not thread-safe.

Any help in this regard would be much appreciated.

P.S. Agent and Client are running in different domains(and communicate only through IP addresses) hence the variable cannot be accessed via environment. Also please ignore the typos in code syntax


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