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Faced with next problem on touchscreen devices on Windows 8: Chrome stops sending 'click' event after touching the screen. Bug continues until you open page on new tab. Guess, it's a critical bug.

Enviroment: I noticed that this problem appears on following enviroment: Windows 8( I have build 9200) + WebKit(Opera 18, Chrome 31.0.1650.57 m, Chromium(latest), Canary(latest)). I tried different major versions of Chrome from 31.0.1650.57 m to 23 and problem reproduces on each version. I tried two machines with Win 8, bug reproduced on both. This problem do not appears on Win 7 or on IE( but IE still sucks...).

Steps to reproduce: I do not exactly how to reproduce, but what do I do: I start multitouch gesture, variably touching and removing fingers and slowly moving my fingers. Bug reproduces more quickly then I create more square of touch by laying fingers on the screen. Reproducing need some time, so do not hurry up. When bug happens, Chrome stops sending 'click' event, but sending, for example, 'touchstart' event continues. To continue normal work you have to open the page on new tab, cause if you simply reload the page, 'click' event will still do not appear.

Page: I have simple page with two divs in one parent div. On pure JS divs are subscribed on 'click' and 'touchstart' events.

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