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I'm having trouble getting an ItemGroup to store the files on a Windows share. If I use a local folder ItemGroup contains the list of files, if I use an address in the form of \\machine\share the ItemGroup is empty.

My target includes the following:

    <FilesToDelete Include="$(WebServer)\**\*" />
<Delete Files="@(FilesToDelete)" />



With the above, FilesToDelete will be empty. If I use a local path for the WebServer property the files get enumerated correctly.

Any ideas?

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Does the user running msbuild have the correct authorizations on the shared folder ? A lack of access rights won't provoke an error, but will make your ItemGroup empty...

Hope it helps !


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One of those d'oh moments. I had assumed since I had created the share I had permissions on it... – JamesK Jan 8 '10 at 13:12

What version of your MSBuild? The following script displays list of files from network share in MSBuild 3.5.30729.4926:

<Project xmlns="" 

        <xx Include="\\server\share\rootfolder\**\*" />

    <Target Name="Build">
        <Message Text="@(xx)" />
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