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I'm having one thread writing a file to document directory while another thread will try to access that file and check if it's available in order to use it otherwise it will use a temporary variable instead. My question is how can I test if the other thread has finished writing the file or if it is writing as I am checking the file.

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Rather than checking for a completion, you could force the write to be atomic by using an auxiliary file.

If you are writing your document using an API that supports auxiliary files, similar to [NSString writeToFile:... atomically:YES encoding:... error:...], the change is as easy as flipping a switch.

If you are writing the file yourself, write to a file with a different name first, close the file, and then rename it to the desired name.

For example, in the call that writes the document to @"myfile.doc", you could write the document to @"myfile.doc_aux", and then rename it to @"myfile.doc". If the second thread checks for the presence of @"myfile.doc" before writing is finished, the check would fail. When the check succeeds, though, you can be certain that the file has been written to completion.

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You don't want to check if it's being used by the other thread, because the other thread could start using it immediately after your check.

Instead, what you want is a lock, or a synchronization point. Take a look at @synchronized() and NSLock, both of which can help you ensure data integrity while multi threading.

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