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I have a table with two column called "from_date" and "to_date"

    the table look like:-

enter image description here

I want result like:-

from_date            to_date   
-----------         ------------  
2013-11-25           2013-11-30
2013-12-01           2013-12-05

That date is splits from 2013-11-25 to 2013-11-30 and another date split from 2013-12-01 to 2013-12-05... Is it possible to split like this ?

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The following is almost the same. It works only for full months but it should be trivial to modify it to work on partial months as well: stackoverflow.com/questions/7218526/… –  Heinzi Nov 28 '13 at 15:40
If the dates span 3 months e.g. 2013-11-25 to 2014-02-05 should this split into 3 rows or 4? –  GarethD Nov 28 '13 at 16:15

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This is leap year safe and handles date ranges the other answers currently don't.

DECLARE @d TABLE(from_date DATE, to_date DATE);

INSERT @d VALUES ('2013-11-25','2013-12-05');

;WITH n(n) AS 
  SELECT ROW_NUMBER() OVER (ORDER BY [object_id])-1 FROM sys.all_columns
d(n,f,t,md,bp,ep) AS 
  SELECT n.n, d.from_date, d.to_date, 
    DATEDIFF(MONTH, d.from_date, d.to_date),
    DATEADD(MONTH, n.n, DATEADD(DAY, 1-DAY(from_date), from_date)),
    DATEADD(MONTH, n.n+1, DATEADD(DAY, 0-DAY(from_date), from_date))
 ON d.to_date >= DATEADD(MONTH, n.n-1, d.from_date)
SELECT original_from_date = f, original_to_date = t, 
  new_from_date = CASE n WHEN 0  THEN f ELSE bp END,
  new_to_date   = CASE n WHEN md THEN t ELSE ep END 
FROM d WHERE md >= n
ORDER BY original_from_date, new_from_date;


original_from_date   original_to_date   new_from_date   new_to_date
------------------   ----------------   -------------   -----------
2013-11-25           2013-12-05         2013-11-25      2013-11-30
2013-11-25           2013-12-05         2013-12-01      2013-12-05

SQLFiddle demo with longer date ranges and leap years

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This what i want... your query working fine @Aaron Bertrand. –  dinesh.k Nov 29 '13 at 7:14

If you are operating in a dimensional data warehouse, utilize the date dimension. Otherwise, use CTE.

(SELECT from_date
      , to_date
      , from_date AS mo_from_date
      , DATEADD(day, day(from_date)* -1 + 1, from_date) AS bom_date
   FROM DateTable
SELECT from_date
     , to_date
     , DATEADD(month,1,bom_date)
     , DATEADD(month,1,bom_date)
  FROM cte
 where DATEADD(month,1,mo_from_date) < to_date
SELECT mo_from_date
     , CASE when to_date < DATEADD(month,1,bom_date) THEN
           DATEADD(day, -1, DATEADD(month,1,bom_date))
       END AS mo_to_date
  FROM cte
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