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I'm not sure why the TSpeedButton has this property but when a TSpeedButton is the only button of a given groupindex, it doesn't stay pressed, whether or not "AllowAllUp" is pressed. Maybe a Jedi control would suffice, but hopefully there's some fix. Any help or anecdotes are appreciated.

BTW, I'm (still) using Delphi 7, not sure if this is an across the board conundrum.

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I have no D7 here, but in D2006 a Speedbutton stays down if the GroupIndex has a value > 0.

If this is not the behaviour you wish, you can set the Down-Property manually in the OnClick-Eventhandler (make sure, that the GroupIndex is 0).

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I just tried that in Delphi 7 (Build 4.453):

  • create new application
  • add TSpeedButton to form
  • set AllowAllUp := true
  • set GroupIndex := 1
  • run application

When clicking the button it toggles its down state without any other code needed.

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knight_killer is correct. i can tell you it'll work in any version of delphi:

object SpeedButton1: TSpeedButton
  Left = 152
  Top = 384
  Width = 23
  Height = 22
  AllowAllUp = True
  GroupIndex = 99
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GroupIndex = 99 is arbitrary right? –  Peter Turner Oct 14 '08 at 21:51
yes, use any GroupIndex you want. But it have to be greater then zero –  Roman Ganz Oct 14 '08 at 22:13
thanks, knight_killer for answering that cmt. –  X-Ray Oct 15 '08 at 15:12

Delphi does the work for you so "don't write ANY CODE".

In the IDE select ALL of your SpeedButtons that you want to operate as a group and then set the whole group's "GroupIndex" to something other than "0" and you are done -- with NO CODE -- NADA!!

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Hm, strange, I remember using this quite a few times with success. Perhaps you should try playing with the SpeedButton's Down property? I don't think it toggles automatically when you click it --- you should explicitly toggle Down, I guess...

[edit: replaced Checked with Down --- TSpeedButton doesn't have a Checked property, sorry!]

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I was searching for a solution for my problem and I think this is kind of the same one. I wanted to make a SpeedButton toggle the up and down state just like a switch, and I managed this by setting the properties: AllowAllUp := True; GroupIndex := 1;

Then in the OnClick event of the button I wrote:

procedure TForm1.SpeedButton1Click(Sender: TObject);
  if( SpeedButton1.AllowAllUp ) then
    SpeedButton1.AllowAllUp := False;
    SpeedButton1.Down := True;
  end else
    SpeedButton1.AllowAllUp := True;
    SpeedButton1.Down := False;

This toggles the button down when it's clicked and up when it's clicked again.

Hope it'll be of any help

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The trick is to set the GroupIndex to a unique value and set AllowAllUp to true. If you forget the first, it will not stay down, if you forget the second, it will not stay up, once it has been down.

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Set AllowAllup to true, and Down to false. Then in OnClick event:

btn3.AllowAllUp := not btn3.AllowAllUp; btn3.Down := not btn3.Down;

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To get this to work, you can't just toggle the Down property, because it is always down in the OnClick event. You need to have another value:

procedure TForm1.SpeedButton1Click(Sender: TObject);
  MyBoolProperty := not MyBoolProperty;
  SpeedButton1.Down := MyBoolProperty;
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