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I am using Http Apache Components to perform the http interactions. I need to adjust my http client. For this purpose I have two parameters: connection timeout and connection request timeout. In library documentation and in source code(no comments were found) I didn't found definition of this terms. I need to know what do they exactly mean. May be they were defined in HTTP protocol documentation but I can't find it. So, my question is what do this two terms mean and how they distinct from each other.

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Try searching them without apache nor java keywords: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timeout_(computing) –  Luiggi Mendoza Nov 28 '13 at 16:38

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HttpClient has a way to set connection and socket timeout (setConnectionTimeout() and setTimeout()) according to http://hc.apache.org/httpclient-3.x/apidocs/org/apache/commons/httpclient/HttpClient.html

Connection timeout is the timeout until a connection with the server is established.

Socket timeout is the timeout to receive data (socket timeout).


Let's say you point your browser to access a web page. If the server does not anwser in X seconds, a connection timeout will occur. But if it establishes the connection, then the server will start to process the result for the browser. If it does not ends this processing in Y seconds, a socket timeout will occur.

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Thank you for your reply, but still I have a problem. Here is request config builder hc.apache.org/httpcomponents-client-4.3.x/httpclient/apidocs/… and it has three methods setConnectionRequestTimeout, setConnectTimeout, setSocketTimeout(and no comments!). So I still don't know what exactly each method does and what methods I should to use. –  mvb13 Nov 29 '13 at 7:04
Ok, I finally found that getConnectionRequestTimeout returns imeout in milliseconds used when requesting a connection from the connection manager. I guess that connection manager is apache-httpcomponents library class, so I will not use it. I will use setConnectionTimeout() and setTimeout(). –  mvb13 Nov 29 '13 at 7:22

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