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At work I currently write a lot of custom JSP-Tags for our designers, which are written in JSP's XML flavour (rather than Java classes).

When I typo'ed or made a mistake and try to load the TLDs or tag files, Tomcat always just throws the non-descript error: Could not add one or more tag libraries.

Now I have to hunt around the taglibs finding out which one is borked and do trial and error - noone's preferred way of debugging.

Eclipse is unfortunately useless at validating taglibs.

Are there any tools around that could help me? The icing on the cake would be Maven integration. I have tried this plugin, but no luck.

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Unfortunately your "useless" link is broken, however the XML flavor should be able to make use of the XML Validator. –  nitind Jun 8 '11 at 2:22
There is a plugin called "Ganymede" See if the below link helps [link]stackoverflow.com/questions/144058/… –  arvind_cool May 1 '12 at 3:51
My advice is to move on Intellij idea, it has a great validation tools. –  Shota May 5 at 22:00

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