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I have a folder with approx 10000 images, and I need to copy about 500 of them to another folder.

If I create a list of the files I want to copy, how could I copy the files the files?

Was thinking vbscript or is it possible thorough DOS commands such as Xcopy using switches?


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How are you creating the list of files? Do they match some simple criteria? –  Tarydon Jan 8 '10 at 11:17
yes the list of files will be in a textfile...e.g.image1.jpg \n image2.jpg etc etc...Looking at the answers below I think I'll be using one of those shortly. –  thegunner Jan 8 '10 at 16:07

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assuming that you had the list of files in a text file, here's a vbscript

Set objFS=CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set objArgs = WScript.Arguments
strFile = objArgs(0)
strDestination = objArgs(1)
Set objFile =objFS.OpenTextFile(strFile)
Do Until objFile.AtEndOfLine
    strLine = objFile.ReadLine
    objfs.CopyFile strLine,strDestination &"\"&strLine

save as myscript.vbs and on command line

C:\test>more file

c:\test> cscript //nologo myscript.vbs file c:\destination\directory

OR if you want batch

@echo off
for /F %%i in (file) do (  copy "%%i" c:\destination   )

if you want to move list of files according to some pattern, just do

c:\test> copy *pattern*.txt c:\destination
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For a one-off on the command line, prepare a filenames.txt, one name per line. Then issue:

for /f %n in (filenames.txt) do copy "%n" "t:\arget\folder"

for VBScript, you can achieve the same thing using Scripting.FileSystemObject and it's close relatives (like the File and Folder objects), but in comparison this is more complicated. ghostdog74's answer shows one way.

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