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I would like to add the annotations: "constant" with an arrow pointing to NSS1 in the plot, "short-term" with an arrow pointing to NSS2 in the plot and "hump" with an arrow pointing to NSS3.

I've seen the documentation and they show how to do this for a single equation but I'm stuck as to how to do it for multiple equations. Not even convinced I understand the single equation case fully!




title('The Nelson-Siegel Basis Functions')
xlabel('t = 0 to 30y')
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Annotations are unrelated to the data you are plotting, they can be anywhere on the graph, see the documentation for more details. So in your case you can do something like:

a = annotation('textarrow', x1, y1,'String' , 'constant');

where x1 and y1 are vectors with the coordinates of the arrow (begin and end points, so each vector has 2 elements). Use a similar approach for the other annotations.

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