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I attended Udi Dahan's lecture at ndc 2009 in Norway - Making Patterns Complete. Now I want to replace my all my repositories with MessageHandlers in Nservicebus. I am using Nhibernate, but I don't know where to put BeginTranscactin/commit and OpenSession. Should each messagehandler contain begintransaction and openSession ?
What about a pipeline of Messages that are running in a synchronized manner ?
And I guess it's not possible to open the session outside of the message and pass it as a property on the message - since the caller and the server are running in two different processes.

Example of messagehandlers:

IGetOrderHeaders , returns order without orderlines
IGetOrderWithOrderlines , returns order with orderlines
ITakeOrderByTruck, the current truck aquires the order from the pool
IUnloadPalletFromCarByTruck, unloads a pallet from a car
IPutPalletAtLocationByTruck, place a pallet at location
IMakeOrderDoneByTruck, sets the orderstatus to done by current truck

I have also considered using Prism serverside instead of nservicebus - this works actually quite good, though it's not intented to use it serverside. But the ideal solution would be nservicebus.

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You do this by implementing a messagemodule (IMessageModule). Take a look at the NHibernateMessageModule that is used by the NHibernate saga persister:


You can either cache the session in the sessionfactory (like the sample above) or store it in your favorite container using its "ThreadStatic" cache mode.

NServiceBus runs all handlers in a TransactionScope so that will take care of the transaction for you automatically!

Hope this helps!

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ThreadStatic will use one session for one thread, so it will use a very long living session, and will be in memory during the whole application. This causes memory issues when the session is not cleared manually, and makes it unusable. Or am I wrong? – Paco Mar 24 '10 at 15:47
IFAIK the NHibernate integration with System.Transactions will close and dispose the session when it commits/aborts so that will take care of releasing any resources that the session holds. – Andreas Öhlund Mar 24 '10 at 17:55
It does commit, but it doesn't dispose. – Paco Mar 24 '10 at 19:46

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