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I'm trying to add php code inside the compose.html file in Roundcubemail. I've .htaccess file in same directory as compose.html having like :

AddType application/x-httpd-php .html

I've also prepare httpd.conf file present at /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf Few lines which required here are as :

LoadModule rewrite_module modules/mod_rewrite.so
AllowOverride All
AddType application/x-httpd-php .html

I've also tried restarting the httpd service. But still php code not executed in compose.html file. Can anybody please help me out with this?

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This is probably by design. –  Gant Nov 28 '13 at 19:19

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The templates of Roundcube are not evaluated within the directory. That's why your changes to .htaccess and httpd.conf didn't have any effect. They are rather evaluated by Roundcube template engine. Without digging deeper into the Roundcube core, the only option you have is their Skin Template Markup Language.

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